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Happenings Cookies and Calico

A Biography by David Williamson

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They're All Dead

A Mystery by David Williamson

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Also by David Williamson

Prayer: A Force that Causes Change

Set your prayer life on fire!

Most books on prayer have one problem. They are informative and valuable, but they just gather dust. They sit on the bookshelf; the author's insight on prayer is lost because no one reads the book. It may be a good book, but it is of limited value.

Prayer: A Force that Causes Change is a series of five books on prayer. These books are for reading. And they are a fun read! The teaching on prayer flows from stories of everyday life.

These books will make a difference in your life and prayers.

   Volume 1 - A Call to Prayer      Responding to your call to pray

   Volume 2 - A Life of Prayer      Stepping into a life of prayer

   Volume 3 - Faithful in Prayer    Keys to success in prayer

   Volume 4 - Effective in Prayer   Receiving answers to prayers

   Volume 5 - Time to Pray              Taking your prayer place in the Kingdom


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